12mm x 1000m Extruded Polypropylene Strapping

50.93 ex vat

Product Description:

Extruded Polypropylene Manual Strapping Band

Product Details:

300kg break strain
Strap thickness 0.9mm
Strap width 12mm
Strap length 1000mtr
Plastic reel core
Weight 7.3kg

Ideal for most strapping applications from cartons to pallets. Strong, light and flexible, conforms to awkward shapes. It will not rust or stain packaging, no sharp edges (unlike steel strapping) making this strapping safer to use. Split resistant helping to prevent pilferage.

Can be used with our Safeguard 12-19mm Strapping Tensioner TST30, Safeguard sealer for 12mm strapping SGP12 and Heavy Duty Semi Open Metal Seals. You can view our 12mm Polypropylene Strapping Kit here.


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