330x254x1194mm 13 x 10 x 47" - Golf Box

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Product Description:

Packing suggestions:

  • Golf bags – Simply place the full golf bag in the box and seal.
  • Club heads – Wrap individual golf club heads – putters, irons and wedges, woods and drivers in their neoprene covers and together in bubble wrap to protect them further and keep them central in the box.
  • Club grips – When boxed, the club grip points to the box base. At the base place padding such as bubble wrap or toweling and padding around the edges to position grip handles centrally
  • Shaft – To minimise movement and displacement of the clubs whilst in transit, build up layers of padding, such as plastic bags filled with sports towels and clothing, around the club shafts.
  • Shipping / Post – If sending boxes by carrier, ensure boxes are well sealed with tape.

Recycle information

  • Golf boxes are made from 80% recycled materials (reclaimed paper) and 20% kraft grade paper to ensure they are shower proof. Water-soluble adhesive is used to bond the box seams.
  • Boxes are 100% bio-degradable and 100% recyclable
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