50mm X 6M Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps Lashing Cargo Luggage 2 tons UK

13.08 ex vat

Product Description:

1 per pack.
100% Brand new and high quality.Made with Heavy Duty Materials
Reliable steel Main Body,Safe & reliable rachet lock
Durable Strong quality strap,slotted unti-grip -offers more copfortable gripping
These heavy-duty ratchet tie down straps can be generally used for fixating or fastening cargo for transport or storage.
The sturdy and robust web lashings are made of high-quality polyester .
When half min M.B.S. the belt stretch less than 7%.Its is with claw hooks.The Fixed end is .5 meters
Material: polyester, nylon
Type: 50mm
Safety factor: 2:1
Working length: as specified
Lashing capacity: 2,000kg max Working load 1,000kg
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