Bagasse Paper Plates - 125 Packs

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Bagasse Paper Plates

9″ Round Paper plate – 125 Pack

10″ Oval Paper Plate – 125 Pack

6″ Round Paper Plate – 125 Pack

Do that little bit more for the environment by switching to these  bagasse plates. Because they’re made entirely from recycled, waste sugarcane, these bagasse plates can be commercially composted along with food waste after use. This will divert waste away from landfill and turn the bowls into compost that’s used to grow more plants.

This waste, renewable material means the plates are also far kinder to Earth and its natural resources than polystyrene alternatives. So even if you can’t send them to composting centres, switching to these plates will still help to lower your impact on the planet.

The heat and water-resistant material makes these bagasse plates safe for use in microwaves, ovens and freezers too. So you’ve got plenty of choice when preparing and preserving your food. Bagasse is also highly breathable and won’t trap condensation. This means your food-to-go will even stay crispier for longer when served in these bagasse plates!


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