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100% Biodegradable

100% Recyclable

Eco Friendly

Less Carbon ro produce

Reduces the amount of waste to landfill and provides the earth with life-promoting nutrients.

Available in sizes from 300mm to 750mm.

  • High Quality & Really Easy To Use Bubble Wrap
  • Fully Recyclable Bio Bubble Wrap Which Is Eco Friendly
  • This Lightweight Bubble Wrap Is Perfect For Surface Protection And Void Filling
  • Long Term Cushion Protection Against Shock And Vibrations
  • Great For Moving Houses & Packing Storage & Removals Also Ecommerce
  • Green In Colour To Distinguish Between Bio-Degradable And Regular Bubble Wrap
  • Our Bubble Wrap Is UK Manufactured

Available in sizes from 300mm to 750mm.

Available in Single Rolls or Bales

1 Bale of 300mm x 100m = 5 Single Rolls

1 Bale of 500mm x 100m = 3 Single Rolls

1 x Bale of 750mm x 100m = 2 Single Rolls

This bubble wrap is great for protecting large delicate objects and filling up space in cardboard boxes.

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