Cleaning Products - 5 Litre Jars

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Cleaning Products

Sodium Hypochlorite – 5 Litre Jar. Full Strength 15%

Nautral Detergent – 5 Litre Jar. A concentrated mild, low perfume synergistic blend of anionic detergents with coconut oil derivatives. Use guidance – one capful of this container is 20ml: Washing Up – 50ml per 10 Litres of water, Heavy Soiling – 80ml per 10 Litres of water, General Cleaning – 40ml per 10 Litres of water, Floor Mopping – 20ml per 10 Litres of water and Car Washing – 20ml per 10 Litres of water.

Bleach – 5 Litre Jar. One capful of this container is 20ml. Use guidance: Tables and Cookery Board – use 100ml per 5 Litrs of water. Non-Polished flooes – 100ml per 5 Litres of water. Toilets – use undiluted – leave for 10 minutes and then flush away.

Bactericidal Hand Soap – 5 Litre Jar. An unperfumed bactericidal liquid hand soap for use through soap dispensers. Ideal for a high standard of hygiene.

Lemon Gel – 5 Litre Jar. Used for light duty and damp mopping, cleaning tiles and paint work, cleaning toilets, bathrooms, washing spaces and floors. A little goes a very long way with this fantastic cleaning gel.


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