Eco Friendly Pens

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Product Description:

Eco Friendly Pens with Low-Waste Packaging (Pack of 50) – Back to School Supplies, Vegan Eco Friendly Biro Pens Black.

  • ?????? ??? ??? ?????? – Unfortunately, most of us regard biro pens as disposable, but that’s a lot of plastic for landfills. Our black pens are a must-have for a successful transition to a low-waste lifestyle, they don’t just look good – they do great! They are 100% recyclable and part compostable
  • ????????? ??????????? – Each of our eco pens is made from kraft paper, which can be decorated, labelled and personalized. We use stainless steel cores to help reduce plastic pollution. The 50 pack of pens are tactile, lightweight, and comfortable to hold
  • ???-????? ????????? – We deliver each box of pens bulk wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. The multipack of pens will last you a long time, which can help you to further reduce your carbon footprint
  • ??? ???????? ????S- Looking for environmentally friendly gifts that won’t cost the earth? Look no further. Our black biros make a great thank you or teacher gift for men and women alike. They are also nice pens for stocking fillers and go perfectly with any binder.
  • ??? ??????? – We strongly believe that a small choice like choosing an eco-friendly pen can greatly impact the planet. Together, we can make eco-conscious choices every day and build a better tomorrow for us all.
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