Moving Pack 2

103.70 ex vat

Product Description:


25 assorted cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, tape, a 3 seater cover, a single mattress cover and a marker pen.

Perfectly suited to the removal requirements of small flats and houses.
Ideal for moving to and from starter homes.

10 x Small Single Wall Cardboard Boxes 380 x 255 x 255mm (15 x 10 x 10″)
10 x Medium Single Wall Cardboard Boxes 410 x 410 x 356mm (16 x 16 x 14″)
5 x Large Double Wall Cardboard Boxes 460 x 460 x 460mm (18 x 18 x 18″)
10 x Kraft Paper Sheets (900 x 1150mm)
10M of Bubble Wrap (500mm)
3 x Rolls of brown packing tape
1 x Marker pen
1 x Roll of FRAGILE tape (FREE)
1 x 3 seater cover (FREE)
1 x Single mattress cover (FREE)

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