Shredded Foam Crumbs / Bits/ Flakes 5Kg

22.98 ex vat

Product Description:

  • 5kg Bag
  • High-density reflex foam was employed for this project. To ensure cleanliness, we exclusively utilise new and unused foam to make the flakes.
  • Shredded foam in little pieces | Foam might be purple, white, blue, green, or blended in colour. Everything is made of reflex foam.
  • Properties that are hypoallergenic. Shredded Foam Flakes or Crumbles can be used to fill new pillows / cushions, extend the life of existing pillows / cushions, as well as for seating, bean bags, futon mattresses, pet beds, and other applications. You can even make dolls or teddy animals out of them.
  • All British Fire Regulations and Laws apply to foam. Materials sourced in the United Kingdom
  • At a cheap price, we offer high-quality shredded foam filling, also known as foam crumbs, flakes, and foam bits.

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