Wooden Picture Frame Crates

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Product Description:

Durable Wooden Picture Frame / Art-Work Crates

Wooden crates have been used extensively for exporting all types art-work and picture / frames. High quality wood is used and other materials to manufacture crates to your exact specifications.

Available in 3 sizes or request a bespoke size:

  • 710 x 250 x 710 mm   fully ISPM15 compliant
  • 862 x 250 x 862 mm  fully ISPM15 compliant
  • 1014 x 250 x 1014 mm  Fully ISPM15 compliant

All flat pack and “Clip & Ship”

ISPM 15 Certified Packaging

As more and more products are being used to ship freight abroad, we are pleased to be an ISPM 15 certified packing facility, using heat treated timber as required. Heat treated pallets are essential in order to comply with ISPM15 requirements, preventing the transfer of pesticides and infestation during the exportation process. However, this is not the only advantage. Other benefits includes enhanced sterilisation, durability and weather resistance.

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